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Company history

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Tavansazan technical orthopaedic company has started decisively its activities by taking use of capablilities of its managers since 1990 for achieving selfsufficiency for the country in the acting field as main goal in order to be in service of progress and stability of the country.in the meantime the company has got success because of struggles of it sensior mangers in terested in being in service of the sacrifices of the war and the disableds by official registering the company in 1994 and by producing most of underbody prosthesis part in bulk.

The company has now priorities because of high quality , competitive prices, short delivery time, storng after sale services and one fiscal year price validity. In the process of the progress of the company, production of orthosis parts and expansion of producing prosthesis has been planned since 1998 and afterwards in the year 1380 the company has started to import technical orthopaedic parts .readymade orthosis and medical shoes as well..

 In the meantime and for several times the company has participated actively in tenders of the organizations as well as governmental and private sectors in iran and successfully won several tenders. Now besides having strong good relations with most of governmental and private customers allover the country we have intention and commenced marketing to export the products to world market. Thanks to endeavour5 done and enresulting producing quality steel and aluminium orthosis parts . Now titanium type parts also has come into production and assuredly because of supreme quality of the parts and briliant background of the company we believe that the introduced new products will have best competitiveness in the local market and abroad.

On obtaining ce marking we will have more possibility for introduction world standard quality product and entrance to new markets by establishing deals on wto standards and regulations.

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