Tavan Sazan Orthopedic Technical Company with the goal of extending services to amputees has been established in 1991 and by using the capabilities of its managers took steps toward self-sufficiency in the field of specific items in order to support the progress and development of the country in its part as well.

The company with efforts and interest full minding of its managers and engineers and in order to be in service of disables of the war as well, after four years planning and design makings were officially registered in the year 1995. In the meantime, by using the capabilities of the experts could produce most of underbody prosthesis parts in bulk in short time, compatible quality, low price, short delivery time, guarantee, stable prices despite an increase in the price of raw material, better appearance & lowering the weight of the parts in comparison to other market products, provide after sale services of the produced products, all are about the priorities and advantages of the company’s products. Since 1999 production of orthotics parts and developments in the latter field also became part of the company s program and then in 2001, the company commenced importing technical orthopedic, ready-made prosthesis and made shoes as well.

As the first Iranian company acting in the production of lower body prosthesis parts, the company has actively participated in tenders of governmental as well as private organizations and sectors and could win and has organized strong relation with most governmental and private centers acting in technical orthopedic fields and also aimed to export products to other countries.

Now, after production of steel and aluminum parts, the company has started to produce titanium made parts as well and have planning’s to extend the quality of the products and is enough sure that the quality of its products with respect to the brilliant background of the company will become unique in the market.Our looking to the future is to create better facilities for the amputees and hence it becomes a mission for us to design and produce the best products in the Islamic Republic of Iran.